Supplier Portal that includes applications specific to retail logistics, ready for National and Local Markets, Technology Markets, DIY Markets, cosmetics and personal care, Home Textile and food chains, that you can get involved immediately.

Retail logistics covers all the stages that a product goes through, from the manufacturer to meeting with the consumer. Effective and efficient planning, implementation and control of retail supply chain information flow is extremely important in terms of ensuring customer satisfaction and minimizing logistics costs.

In order for thousands of products with high circulation, procured from suppliers in different regions, to be delivered to different sales points on time and with minimum cost and offered for sale at competitive prices; An interactive supply chain application that covers all components in the supply process such as suppliers, logistics companies, distribution centers and sales points should be used.

vSRM Retail Industry Supplier Relationship Management Platform is a platform developed for this purpose, containing the requirements of retail logistics, serving with SaaS (Software as a Service) model, where local and national chain markets, technology markets and DIY stores can be included without the cost of software and hardware. .

Manage your processes in coordination with your suppliers

Reduce time to market for your products

Measure Supplier Service Levels

Take advantage of eSourcing

Real-Time Communication: You can shareinformation on a single platform simultaneously with all business partners in supply chain processes in the retail industry without unnecessary workload.

Effective and Efficient Process Management:Processes through vSRM Retail Platform; It can be automated and managed quickly and with minimum error. See cost savings in your retail companies and increased efficiency in your procurement processes with vSRM’s comprehensive retail eSupply and supply chain solution.

Product Data Management:You can manage the basic data of thousands of products in the retail industry more easily and quickly with the online data you provide from your suppliers.

Accurate and quality product data obtained from the supplier;It saves your organization from thousands of hours of overtime, simplifies your processes and increases productivity. It allows you to sell more products from different sales channels in a faster and error-free manner.


Track your suppliers’ service levels with KPIs:Interactive dashboards provide an overview of supplier service levels. Monitor your suppliers’ performance and direct improvement actions. Plan joint improvement actions with suppliers whose service levels have decreased without loss of supply and sales.

GSA (GlobalService Administration) reporting: Report lost sales caused by companies below the promised service level and optionally manage invoicing.

Take advantage of using eSourcing for Indirect Materials: Get better sourcing decisions, clearer inspection and faster turnaround times with the eSourcing solution. Easily connect with all your suppliers. Take advantage of lower prices by managing your communications, transactions and negotiation.

Access to More Suppliers; Increase your request collection rate by up to 40%. Save up to 70% on lead times.

What makes our technology right for you?"

A Fast and Efficient Communication Environment

It enables to increase productivity by establishing the same quality of communication with all large, small, domestic and foreign suppliers.

All-in-One Solution

It offers all the tools for your current and potential future needs for partner management through a single platform.

Vertical Solutions

vSRM Retail Platform includes vertical solutions that may be required for different sub-sectors of the retail industry.

ERP Integration

Integrated data flowing through multiple ERP systems. Quick implementation with ready-to-use ERP Integration kits for widely used ERP systems.

Different User Interfaces by Partner Type

There are separate user interfaces according to the Main Company and business partner type (Supplier, Forwarder, Forwarder, 3PL Logistics Company, Manufacturer).

Sectoral Experience

vSRM Retail solution includes the common knowledge of the industry and is used as a common service by our customers.

Retail Industry Solutions

Supplier Product Data Management

Automated quality data saves your organization thousands of hours of overtime, simplifies processes, increases efficiency and allows you to build your analytics on a solid foundation.

Management of product master data can be done by suppliers.

The information needed by all departments and sales channels is provided first-hand:

Product feature sets, feature set matches, product images, barcode changes, packaging information, volume, weight, etc.

New products are defined, new products are recommended to category managers, changes in existing products are managed, and product information can be automatically updated in the Main ERP system and sales channels after controls and approvals.

Product Attribute Management

For the management of the technical attributes of the products offered to the customer in consumer products retail, online sales channels, qualitative feature sets are defined on the basis of product groups and managed on a product-specific basis.

In supplier product management and purchasing catalog management modules, ERP or online sales systems integration and Excel upload features are used extensively for the management of feature sets used as master data for entering and managing product features by suppliers.

Purchase Order Lifecycle Management

Complete PO lifecycle for both indirect and direct material supply orders.

POs created for indirect procurement after direct catalog product requests or a sourcing event in the vSRM system are transferred to both your ERP system and the Supplier at the same time.

Depending on your production needs, contracted direct material orders created in your ERP system are transferred to vSRM. Any order changes are synced in the backend.

Orders can also be transferred to the Supplier via EDI formats, e-mail and accessed via the vSRM portal.

The entire life cycle of the Purchase Order; Order confirmations, loading approvals, transportation planning, shipments, customs clearance, warehouse entries and all other milestones can be tracked in detail.

Supplier Drop Shipments

It is ensured that the orders of the products sold in online sales channels and which will be shipped directly to the final customer by the supplier are forwarded to the suppliers. The supplier shipment process is sent with the integration of the systems belonging to the cargo companies and is followed up.

Reverse Logistics

At the starting point of reverse logistics, the vSRM system is used to determine and notify the products to be returned.

The information and details of the products to be returned at the end of the period or on consignment can be shared with the suppliers.

Feedback can be received from suppliers regarding the return method and method.

An agreement is reached on how much refund is desired and return prices in which location.

During the physical realization of planned and approved returns, return orders and waybills can be shared with suppliers.

Return orders for products returned for quality and other reasons can be transferred directly.

Price Change Management

Suppliers report price changes via vSRM.

Changes accepted by category managers and other managers in the approval chain are automatically updated in MAIN Company ERP systems.

Price information can be updated by the suppliers using alternative methods.

  •   By logging in from the screen
  •   By loading from Excel
  •   Integration between each and automatic systems with Webservice and XML
Reservation Management

Ramp Reservation is used to prevent the formation of vehicle piles and long waiting times in logistics centers, warehouses and stores where heavy shipments are made, due to the arrival of vehicles sent by suppliers unannounced at the same time.

With the reservation system, the planning and management of goods acceptance operations is provided by knowing in advance the materials that will come to the warehouse.

VMI - Vendor Management Inventory

vSRM provides flexible and easy-to-use tools for manufacturing and retail companies to adapt VMI (Vendor Management Inventory) and Consignment Inventory Management concepts.

Suppliers can view their inventory levels online. e-Kanban shipping signals are automatically generated by vSRM when products need to be replenished according to advanced replenishment algorithms.

Inventory Sharing

When urgent plan changes are required in the production sector, the visibility of the materials ready for shipment in the supplier’s stock will allow you to make plan changes more easily. vSRM provides instant stock inquiry through web services from supplier systems, allowing the purchasing company to see the current stock.

In the retail sector, vSRM stock inquiry services can be used to query the availability of products in online sales channels and to automatically close out of stock or finished products for sale.

Stock & Sales Reports Analysis

Procuring companies in the retail sector; sharing the current product stocks on the basis of stores and warehouses with the relevant suppliers is valuable data that allows the supplier to plan sales-increasing actions of inactive product stocks.

It is possible to share daily sales data on a store basis and sales reports of periodic sales numbers with suppliers. Support is provided to make sales-enhancing action plans with the purchasing company by making sales analyzes of the suppliers’ own products.

Supplier Quality Management

Reduce supply chain risk and costs with a digital supplier collaboration solution that streamlines quality management processes,

Build a streamlined and automated process for managing supplier quality with an automated and standardized approach to working through quality issues.

vSRM provides tools to ensure the sustainability and improvement of supplier quality with functions such as detecting quality problems in serial products, corrective and preventive actions, supplier site process audits and tracking action plans.

Supplier Performance Management

It allows you to measure and improve supplier performance. It includes an online supplier scorecard that includes the philosophy of management by targets, which allows you to determine and follow the KPIs of all suppliers that provide direct / indirect products.

Scorecards and KPI calculation methods can be customized on a per supplier basis. Many KPI calculation algorithms are offered ready-to-use in the ready-made KPI library.

GSA - Penalty Bills Management

It is a module used in the retail industry. In the retail industry, it ensures that the order fulfillment levels (Service level agreements) that the suppliers have committed for the supply of products are reported on an order basis and that the penalty invoices that need to be issued to the supplier in order to compensate for the loss due to the loss of potential sales for the unfulfilled orders, and the invoice issuance process is systematically managed by confirming with the supplier. .

Penalty invoices are calculated for companies that remain below the promised service level due to loss of sales.

Supplier On-Boarding

vSRM provides online application equality to all suppliers in new supplier acquisition processes, increases potential supplier applications and improves your supplier portfolio.

With completely customizable application forms, which enable suppliers to answer different questions according to their service area, the required information is collected during the evaluation process of suppliers in different sectors.

It offers a complete solution in supplier registration with features such as flexible approval processes and on-site inspections of suppliers.

Minimize the complexity of supplier deployment and collaboration.

Requisition Management

Procurement systems such as the one provided by vSRM can fully automate the purchase requisition process for indirect materials and service requests  – all the way from Purchase Request to Purchase Approval in real time.

vSRM is designed as the one platform to create and manage requisitions from different companies and locations in all large-scale companies to support the Centralized sourcing operations and spend analysis.

vSRM users are authorized properly to procurement policies and spend control rules of companies.


It allows you to create a digital supply system integrated with your ERP system with pre-procurement, requisition management, order, catalog and contract integrations.

vSRM strategic purchasing and eSupply solution not only digitizes the purchasing processes of a company, but also enables holdings and group companies to effectively manage their common/shared supplies.

Expert category managers, who see the requisitions from all companies on a single screen, combine requisition consolidations and demands, and perform common/shared procurement requests with eRFQs and eAuctions methods.

vSRM Offers flexible breakdown structure with support for multi-level Price Breakdown Structure for large and complex purchase projects.

Catalog Management

With vSRM Catalog management; Enhance user shopping experience and control costs, using your own catalog, pictures, extended descriptions, and company selected items.

When you can direct the majority of routine, recurring purchases to your preferred suppliers, you maximize your buying power and negotiated pricing.

Take it easy for shopper to buy from preferred suppliers by setting up guided buying catalogs. Guided Buying Catalogs can be organized by vendor, by department, by functional area, or other meaningful grouping and include predefined vendor items, pricing, and accounting information.

Contract Management

Automatized the contract creation, approval, tracking, monitoring and progressive payments of the contract processes integrated with request management and sourcing operations for multiple companies in a centralized approach.

Spend Management

vSRM’s spend management tool is designed to help you manage purchase requisitions, purchase orders, supplier and customer contracts, invoicing and payments.

vSRM’s spend management tool helps reduce the time and effort required to perform routine spend management activities and Reporting of tracking KPI’s in all stages of the S2P Processes.

Koçtaş increased efficiency and reduced costs in the supply process with vSRM.

Koçtaş, among Turkey’s leading retail chain companies, has been successfully using ITG’s –who is known with the innovative technologies introduced in the supply chain management- vSRM (virtual Supplier Relationship Management) application since 2007.

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