Operational Process Management

End-to-end order tracking with milestone structure.

Operational Process Management //



Achieve success with real-time collaboration!

Management of vSRM Operational Processes; It allows you to manage your procurement processes in real time with your suppliers in a digital environment, integrating with your ERP system, the management of purchase orders, purchase estimates, delivery schedules and just-in-time deliveries.


Flexible operational process management


vSRM increases your agility and flexibility by enabling you to quickly manage variability and changes in delivery plans while managing your operations in a digital environment with real-time data visibility.

It is ensured that your suppliers see the changes in real time and take quick action to support your production changes.

Urgent, final, planned and estimated order information is shared with suppliers. Detailed follow-up of the shipped, on the way, accepted, waiting for quality control, returned products and order balance controls are carried out in coordination with the suppliers by looking at the same data.


End-to-end order tracking with Order Milestones


Increase your tracking and traceability in contract manufacturing!

Manage the raw material inventory that you have transferred to suppliers for contract manufacturing.

Manage shipments by calculating suppliers’ new material needs based on your anticipated orders.

Follow the status of the production processes made at the contract manufacturing location. Ensure product traceability at contract manufacturing stages.

Add more products to your sales portfolio in a short time in the retail sector with supplier product information management!

The management of the basic data of the products to be sold in online sales channels and stores and new product suggestions can be made by the suppliers. The information needed by all departments and sales channels is provided online by suppliers: Product feature sets, product images, barcode changes, packaging information, volume, weight, etc.

Operational Process Management Tools

Purchase Order Management

It supports PO, supplier schedules, call of messages for automotive industry. Store/Central warehouse orders B2B drop-shipments orders and B2C supplier orders which shipped directly by suppliers in retail industry.

Operational Process Management Tools

Subcontract Manufacturing Management

Increase your follow-up and power in subcontract manufacturing! Uninterrupted material movements management with Lot/Series tracking and subconract manufacturing.

Operational Process Management Tools

Supplier Product Data Management

Increase your speed of time to market! The information needed by all departments and sales channels is provided by suppliers as a source of data: Product feature sets, feature set matches, product images etc.

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