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vSRM Retail – Textile Solution In addition to the vSRM Retail Platform features; It covers Contract Manufacturing Tracking and Field Quality Control functions, domestic and international production tracking for Ready-made Clothing, import and export shipment planning, and the process from product delivery to the store.

vSRM Retail – Textile Solution provides follow-up of contract manufacturing stages specific to the textile industry, packaging and shipment processes, product traceability from the exit point of the product from the manufacturer and the follow-up of logistics operations.

The intense activities in the stage of delivering the products obtained from many suppliers to the point of sale or to the final customer ensure that the supply chain is managed together with the Stakeholders (Suppliers, 3PL Firms, Forwarder Firms and Cargo Firms).

It provides the horizontal integration in the Industry 4.0 concept by showing the data needed by its business partners via the web thanks to its integrated working structure with ERP systems, and enabling them to work integrated with their own systems at necessary points.

Increase your control in contract work order and manufacturing tracking

Streamline your Field Quality Management Processes

Manage Logistics Traceability and Processes in One Place

Synchronized Bidirectional Integration

Supplier Evaluation and Performance Management

Take advantage of eSourcing

Contract Manufacturing Work Order Management:It is ensured that manufacturing orders are shared in a way that includes all necessary information to the supplier. By ensuring that the manufacturer proceeds by obtaining confirmations from the production manager of the purchasing company in the critical steps of contract manufacturing, faulty manufacturing is prevented.

Production Milestone Operation Planning and Follow-up:It is ensured that the production milestone steps, which can change according to the production type and product group, are planned together with your suppliers and their realization is followed.

Ensure timely product deliveries with planning and follow-up with the supplier, foreseeing the delayed steps and taking proactive action.

Effective Site Quality Control Planning and Follow-up:An effective planning opportunity is provided by planning field controls, assigning work to quality teams, and transmitting quality work orders to operators’ mobile phones. Online quality results are entered and guided for the next steps of the process.

3rd PartyQuality Control Firms: When outsourcing quality control services, you can ensure that 3rd party quality control firms are included in the process via vSRM and all their transactions are recorded online.

Product Traceability: Provide Parcel Based Product Tracking from the manufacturer to the point of origin. Provide controlled shipment and maximum use of goods acceptance capacity with forwarder or central warehouse ramp reservations in supplier shipments.

Transport Planning and Management of Logistics Operations:By using the transport management module in all material transfers and logistics from the point of departure from the supplier; effectively manage material transfers, vehicle scheduling, logistics center entry and exit operations.

Integrated data geting from multiple ERP systems: Fast implementation with the ready-to-use ERP Integration kit for ERP systems widely used by textile retail companies. Ready-to-use web services are offered to provide integration with other business partners such as forwarders.

Fast Implementation: Ready-to-use web services and integration experience ensure fast deployment of the application and the results can be seen as soon as possible.

Measure and Track KPIs: Monitor your suppliers’ performance and drive improvements with advanced supplier performance measurement tools.

Supplier performance module; provides an overview of all supplier activities in standardized formats. It acts as a guiding guide to make decisions and act effectively.

Grow your business with Trusted Suppliers: Identify top-serving suppliers and expand collaboration with top-performing suppliers using real-time data and analytics.

Take advantage of using eSourcing for Indirect Materials: Get better sourcing decisions, clearer inspection and faster turnaround times with the eSourcing solution. Easily connect with all your suppliers. Take advantage of lower prices by managing your communications, transactions and negotiation.

Access to More Suppliers; Increase your request collection rate by up to 40%. Save up to 70% on lead times.

What makes our technology right for you?"

Collaboration point

Common integration point for all business partners such as transporters, freight forwarders, third party quality control companies

Transportation management

Track and manage all logistics transactions simultaneously.

Private label manufacturing

Expand your supplier network to increase the value of your private label products. Acquire the same goods via multiple suppliers to boost profit margins, create diversity.

Centralize Indirect Spend and Services

Align Corporate and Local Goals: Manage maintenance and services across all your retail locations. Complete service procurement tools allow local facility managers to inform decisions so your central sourcing team can make decisions that meet corporate goals and the needs of local managers. Better, Faster Indirect Sourcing: Increase your bid collection and analysis capabilities. Configure bid items by store location and requirements and uncover value with package offers. Reduce your sourcing event times and start seeing results faster.

Retail Textile Industry Solutions

Manufacturing Work Order Management

Orders are sent to the supplier in a way that includes all necessary information.

Pictures, Color Codes, Order Status, Size Distribution and Assortment Information etc.

Suppliers proceed in critical steps for the production phase by obtaining confirmations from the main company production manager.

Cut Confirmation, PAF Request, Packing Confirmation, Shipment Confirmation, Reservation Confirmation, etc.

Automatic workflow and approval process, automatic notification e-mails between the producer and the main company production manager.

Manufacturers Work Order Milestone Tracking

More than 30 important milestone steps, which may vary according to the type of production and product type, are planned together and their realization is followed.

With the supplier, a process follow-up is provided that helps with the timely delivery of the product with planning and follow-up.

It is possible to see a delayed step in work orders and take proactive action.

Manufacturing Quality Control Management

It includes functions that ensure that the quality controls of the contracted materials are carried out in accordance with the product control plans at the manufacturer’s location and that the quality approvals are obtained by entering the test results online.

It is ensured that field controls are planned, work assignments are made to quality teams and quality work orders are sent to mobile phones.

3rd party quality control companies can also be included in the process and quality control orders can be assigned to 3rd party company personnel.

Packing Management - PAF

In the ready-to-wear industry, the Suppliers request the «Packaging and Assortment Form» information, called PAF, on vSRM, about how the Products should be sorted and packaged according to the Country, Store, before proceeding to the packaging stage after they manufacture.

Detail PAF information is transmitted for each model. Accordingly, the products to be sent directly to the store and the products to be sent to the central warehouse that will be subject to Cross-Dock operation are packaged in accordance with the packaging rules.

With the packaging rules that include many details in order to make the distribution of stores on the basis of models balanced, 2. Quality and production surpluses are not presented to the market, both domestic and foreign manufacturers make the packaging according to the assortment requirements at the destination while they are at the departure point.

Shipment Management ASN

Your suppliers prepare their shipments and ASN (Advance Shipping Notice) through the vSRM system and create shipping labels for all product packages. All products are shipped with labels.

It converts the ASN information sent by our suppliers in different EDI standards into a single format and transmits it to your ERP system to be used at warehouse entrances.

Reservation Management

Arrange the acceptance of shipments from suppliers. Avoid clutter in logistics centers.

Shipments made by suppliers without knowing each other cause piles of vehicles and long waiting times in warehouses. Planning and management of goods receiving operations becomes difficult.

It is possible to determine which logistics centers will be subject to reservation, the number of ramps for each, material acceptance timeframes and material acceptance capacities on the basis of different product groups.

Purchase Order Lifecycle Management

Complete PO lifecycle for both indirect and direct material supply orders.

POs created for indirect procurement after direct catalog product requests or a sourcing event in the vSRM system are transferred to both your ERP system and the Supplier at the same time.

Depending on your production needs, contracted direct material orders created in your ERP system are transferred to vSRM. Any order changes are synced in the backend.

Orders can also be transferred to the Supplier via EDI formats, e-mail and accessed via the vSRM portal.

The entire life cycle of the Purchase Order; Order confirmations, loading approvals, transportation planning, shipments, customs clearance, warehouse entries and all other milestones can be tracked in detail.

International Transportation Management

Special expedition plans are made for Air, Sea, Highway and Railway, container loading lists, check lists that will be required for customs are made by Forwarders with the instructions given via vSRM.

The movement of the expedition at all stages such as departure, Customs Area, Warehouse, Logistics Center is followed, and the stage of any package is monitored online.

Logistic Centre Operations

Forwerder warehouses are defined as Logistics center in the vSRM system. Ports, airports, customs areas, every point where the product visits is tracked on vSRM as a logistics center.

ASN and package information are transferred to Forwarder systems, produsts are accepted by forwarders. All packages accepted to the forwarder warehouse are seen by the import team of the procuring company, and expedition plans are made to guide the forwarder shipments.

Supplier Quality Management

Reduce supply chain risk and costs with a digital supplier collaboration solution that streamlines quality management processes.

Create a streamlined and automated process for managing supplier quality with an automated and standardized approach to working on quality issues.

vSRM provides tools to ensure the sustainability and improvement of supplier quality with functions such as detecting quality problems in serial products, corrective and preventive actions, supplier field process audits and tracking action plans. It also provides the management of new product approval processes (PPAP) and PPAP processes in serial products.

Supplier Performance Management

It allows you to measure and improve supplier performance. It includes an online supplier scorecard with a management by objectives philosophy that allows you to set and track the KPIs of all suppliers that provide direct/indirect products.

Scorecards and KPI calculation methods can be customized on a per supplier basis. Many KPI calculation algorithms used in the manufacturing industry are offered ready-to-use in the ready-to-use KPI library.

Supplier On-Boarding

vSRM provides online application equality to all suppliers in new supplier acquisition processes, increases potential supplier applications and improves your supplier portfolio.

With completely customizable application forms, which enable suppliers to answer different questions according to their service area, the required information is collected during the evaluation process of suppliers in different sectors.

It offers a complete solution in supplier registration with features such as flexible approval processes and on-site inspections of suppliers.

Minimize the complexity of supplier deployment and collaboration.

Requisition Management

Procurement systems such as the one provided by vSRM can fully automate the purchase requisition process for indirect materials and service requests  – all the way from Purchase Request to Purchase Approval in real time.

vSRM is designed as the one platform to create and manage requisitions from different companies and locations in all large-scale companies to support the Centralized sourcing operations and spend analysis.

vSRM users are authorized properly to procurement policies and spend control rules of companies.


It allows you to create a digital supply system integrated with your ERP system with pre-procurement, requisition management, order, catalog and contract integrations.

vSRM strategic purchasing and eSupply solution not only digitizes the purchasing processes of a company, but also enables holdings and group companies to effectively manage their common/shared supplies.

Expert category managers, who see the requisitions from all companies on a single screen, combine requisition consolidations and demands, and perform common/shared procurement requests with eRFQs and eAuctions methods.

vSRM Offers flexible breakdown structure with support for multi-level Price Breakdown Structure for large and complex purchase projects.

Catalog Management

With vSRM Catalog management; Enhance user shopping experience and control costs, using your own catalog, pictures, extended descriptions, and company selected items.

When you can direct the majority of routine, recurring purchases to your preferred suppliers, you maximize your buying power and negotiated pricing.

Take it easy for shopper to buy from preferred suppliers by setting up guided buying catalogs. Guided Buying Catalogs can be organized by vendor, by department, by functional area, or other meaningful grouping and include predefined vendor items, pricing, and accounting information.

Contract Management

Automatized the contract creation, approval, tracking, monitoring and progressive payments of the contract processes integrated with request management and sourcing operations for multiple companies in a centralized approach.

Spend Management

vSRM’s spend management tool is designed to help you manage purchase requisitions, purchase orders, supplier and customer contracts, invoicing and payments.

vSRM’s spend management tool helps reduce the time and effort required to perform routine spend management activities and Reporting of tracking KPI’s in all stages of the S2P Processes.


Koton, which is among the giants of the retail - textile industry, manages its supply chain with ITG's vSRM (virtual Supplier Relationship Management).

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