Supplier Product Data

Automate the creation of product base data and the delivery of sales across different sales channels…

Supplier Product Data Management //

Reduce time to market for your products.

Supplier Product Data Management

You can manage the basic data of thousands of products in the retail industry easier and faster with the online data you provide from your suppliers.

Accurate and quality product data from the supplier; It saves your organization from thousands of hours of overtime, simplifies your processes and increases productivity. It allows you to sell more products from different sales channels in a faster and error-free manner.

The information required by different departments and sales channels regarding the product is provided by the suppliers at first hand; Supply and management of many information such as product features, pictures, barcode information, packaging information, sales and purchasing conditions are provided.

It is ensured that the new product information is defined by the suppliers, new product suggestions are made to the category managers, the changes in the existing products are managed, these data are automatically transferred to the ERP system and different online sales channels after the controls and approvals.

The information entered by the suppliers on vSRM screens or transferred in bulk with excel can also be transferred by the suppliers with the infrastructure with Web Service and XML integration. Category managers can choose the products they want and offer them for sale through the e-commerce channel.

Product information management can be carried out easily and quickly with change management, automatic notification emails, change history and ERP system integration.

Quality and Current Product Information

Clean and quality product basic data management with data provided by the supplier.

Quick launch of products

More products can be offered for sale faster in the e-Commerce channel.

Sales Proposal for different products

More product recommendations and recommendations are made by suppliers.

Labor savings

Increase in speed and efficiency. With digitized processes, labor savings are achieved.

Product Features Management

For the management of the attributes of the products offered to the customer in consumer products retail online sales channels, attribute sets are defined on the basis of product groups and managed on a product-specific basis.

In supplier product management and purchasing catalog management modules, ERP or online sales systems integration and Excel upload features are used extensively for the management of feature sets used as master data for entering and managing product features by suppliers.

Benefits >

Up-to-date and reliable master data

Improve product data quality with clean and up-to-date product master data.

Cross-system integration

With the control of the data entered by the suppliers, the rapid and automatic creation of product information in the ERP system and sales channels is ensured.

Infrastructure for product comparisons

It supports the creation of an infrastructure for detailed comparison of similar products of the end customer on the basis of features in online sales channels.

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