Supplier On-Boarding

Transform your source-to-pay process
Gain 100% Control & Success


Minimize the complexity of supplier onboarding and initial evaluation process.

Supplier On-Boarding

Provide equal opportunity to all your suppliers by providing them access to you through an online platform.

Create supplier records in your ERP system after the transparent evaluation and approval process. Manage the up-to-dateness and changes of supplier information from a single point.

Collaboration and advanced ERP integration

In order to increase efficiency and productivity, it provides confirmation and approval of the information filled in by the supplier during the supplier commissioning processes, and information transfer to the ERP system.

Online self-assessment or on-site audit process

Evaluate your suppliers with on-site and online audits in question sets that can be customized according to their industries.

Supplier Master data management

Managing changes in existing supplier information, online transmission of updates by suppliers, automatic updates to the ERP system after controlled approvals.

Systematic Workflow

Systematic and fast supplier on-boarding process


End-to-end customizable registration forms

Sector-Based Categorized

Sectoral based supplier evaluation forms and scoring system

Audit and Evaluation Process

Online and on-site supplier assessment and controls

Potential Supplier Registration

Easy and fast supplier on-boarding with online supplier application process.

Creating question lists or surveys containing different information according to the services offered by the supplier and the sectors in which they operate.

Ability to see the supplier’s self-assessment score based on survey responses.

Customizable registration forms.

Benefits >

Online Registration

Supplier own registration process


Customizable industry-based forms, question sets and surveys

Self-Assessment Score

Automatic scoring and self-assessment score calculation based on supplier answers

Supplier Approval Workflow

Management of supplier company acceptance and approval processes in line with the criteria you have determined

Management of pre-assessment and audit activities integrated with the supplier audit module.

Automatic creation of approved suppliers in the ERP system.

Providing automatic notifications to suppliers about the process and the result of the application

Benefits >

Flexible Workflow

Ability to define flexible workflow in supplier evaluation approval processes

Online Evaluation

Online evaluation question sets

On-site Evaluation

On-site evaluation question sets

Supplier Data Management

Online transmission of updates by suppliers to manage changes in existing supplier information, automatic updates to the ERP system after controlled approvals.

Fast collection and updating of supplier data.

Collection of suppliers’ financial structures, related documents, certificates, patents or other important documents.

Benefits >


Easily control and manage all updates

Tracking & Control

Less effort to document tracking

Central Management

Quality data integrity and management

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