VMI - Vendor
Management Inventory

Vendor Management Inventory //

VMI - Vendor Management Inventory

VMI – Vendor Management Inventory; The procuring company shares the inventory information of the supplier in its own stock online, and transfers the management and responsibility of the stock replenishment processes to the supplier when needed.

The stock in the procuring company’s inventory can sometimes be managed on a consignment basis.

vSRM creates automatic eKanban cards with stock replenishment algorithms according to the specified parameters, triggering the suppliers’ shipment processes and directing them for stock replenishment processes.

Instant stock tracking integrated with ERP system

By integrating with the ERP system, suppliers can see and report the stock status of their materials instantly.

Directing supplier shipments with automatic eKanban cards

eKanban cards are automatically created by vSRM for suppliers when they need to replenish their stock.

Suppliers are directed to shipment only when stocks need to be replenished by following shipment signals.

Periodic Consignment Stock usage reports

Consignment stocks and stocks that need to be invoiced by the procuring company in the relevant period are reported in the suppliers working on consignment style. In addition, all stock movements of consignment materials, consignment warehouse receipt materials and exit transactions are displayed in detail.

Billing confirmation for Consignment Materials

For consignment materials, the material quantities, prices and invoice amounts that should be invoiced by the supplier according to sales or usage, are sent to the suppliers for the approval of the invoice.

Streamlined processes for the procuring company

In terms of the procuring company, the responsibility of inventory management is directed to the supplier and workload and efficiency are ensured.

Low inventory and working capital for the procuring company

With different kanban card production algorithms, kanban cards are opened and closed automatically with warehouse entries.

Closer cooperation with the customer for the supplier

With the superior service and just-in-time delivery module offered by VMI, suppliers gain a significant competitive advantage and improve their cooperation by creating customer loyalty.

High sales potential for the supplier and the opportunity to be the unique supplier

Through the VMI process, suppliers become better partners for their customers by better understanding real customer demand and usage. They become a unique strategic supplier.

Easy process management integrated with ERP system

With vSRM, the management and reporting of VMI and Consignment processes are easily and effectively digitized.

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