Spend Management

Transform your source-to-pay process Gain 100% Control & Success

Spend Management //

Transform your source-to-pay process Gain 100% Control & Success

Spend Management

With the vSRM Spend Management module, you can have category-based spend analyzes and reports for budget controls!

vSRM’s spend management tool; It helps you make detailed analyzes of your planned expenditures starting from purchase requests, purchase orders and invoices and your finalized expenditures.

Reduce the time and effort required to perform routine analysis and reporting activities!

It helps your purchasing team focus on strategic decisions and achieve your organizational goals.

User-based customizable Dashboards and reporting

You can monitor the KPIs you want to follow live by adding the queries you want to your dashboards.

Trust the Data to Take Action

Make timely assessments and faster decisions

Build your own tracking cockpit

Follow the KPIs you want on customizable user-based dashboards.

Focus on Your Strategy

Let the system do the routine reporting, you focus on achieving your strategic goals

Measure the effectiveness of eProcurement Processes

Measure and track Process and Purchaser KPIs

Spend Analysis

vSRM spend analysis assists managers in making decisions by reporting on procurement activities and spends of group companies.

It allows the organization to identify areas of cost reduction and process improvement.

Benefits >

Identifying savings opportunities

You can easily identify savings opportunities with detailed, visual and graphical spending analysis.

Analysis on a Single Cockpit

As a group company, you can see and analyze your spends through a single cockpit.

Dashboards for managers of different levels

Dashboards containing special KPI sets can be created for stakeholders at different levels.

Purchasing Performance Analysis

vSRM helps you measure the efficiency and effectiveness of your Purchasing organization with KPI sets that measure Purchasing and Buyer Performance.


Benefits >

RFQ and Auction earnings reports

The gains obtained are reported result of RFQs in the online environment and obtained auctions.

Buyers’ KPIs

The averages of the buyer's offer revision numbers and the timely procurement times of the requests are reported.

Reporting of purchaser contributions

Apart from the price advantage in each project, the different contributions made by the buyer to the organization are reported.

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