Toshiba achieves greater productivity and effectively controls TOSHIBA tax documents through ITG Brasil's vSRM Portal.

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Project Toshiba

With the main objective of ensuring the effectiveness of procurement management, Toshiba Infraestrutura América do Sul Ltda. invested with ITG Brasil in the implementation of the vSRM Portal, a complete supply chain management solution (Supply Chain).

Toshiba faced difficulties in managing the complete acquisition flow and controlling invoices. The processes were carried out in conventional ways using spreadsheets and reports updated and generated manually, and in addition, the capture and retrieval of tax information and documents reduced the company’s productive capacity.

ITG Brasil, with the offer of the vSRM Portal, presented the module for the purchase and receipt of electronic invoices, which met the needs of the company, enabling the crossing of data with the company’s ERP system, interaction between the areas and monitoring of all real-time process.

Gains Using vSRM

360 degrees of purchasing process automatization

vSRM brought 360 degrees of purchasing process automatization on electronic platform to TOSHIBA, beginning from RFQ of goods and services to online PO follow-ups and upto receiving goods and communicating payments.

Stream line purchasing process

TOSHIBA was able to stream line purchasing process through eletronic vSRM platform, connecting the suppliers to TOSHIBA in every step of the supply chain process.

Achieve cost reduction in purchasing process

They were able to achieve cost reduction in purchasing process through automatization eliminating manual processes in RFQ, PO generation and follow-up, Invoice and Payment processing.

Reduce cost against the increasing the purchasing volume

They are able to reduce cost against the increasing the purchasing volume due to increasing client demands.

The manual processes were automatized

The errors were minimized due to the manual nature of the processes that were automatized.

The supplier service levels were increased

The supplier service levels were increased and lead times were reduced due to secure and updated flow of information.

About Company


Toshiba is located in Contagem, in the State of Minas Gerais, in the southeastern region of Brazil. It has more than 35 thousand m2 of built area, where more than 1000 employees work. All sectors are synergistically integrated, which guarantees the organized and continuous flow of the production process. Toshiba Infraestrutura América do Sul Ltda., designs, manufactures and delivers electrical equipment capable of facing the most aggressive natural environments and conditions adverse weather conditions, according to the client's needs. At the same time, it contributes to bringing high quality electricity to millions of people in the most remote locations or in the largest metropolises on our planet.

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