Reservation Management

Make balanced workload distribution and planning in material receipt operations in logistics centers.

Reservation Management //

Reduce the vehicle waiting times in the logistics center…

Reservation Management

Ramp Reservation is used to prevent the formation of vehicle piles and long waiting times in logistics centers, warehouses and stores where shipment volume is high are made, due to the arrival of vehicles sent by suppliers unannounced at the same time. With the reservation system, the planning and management of material receipts operations is provided by knowing in advance the materials that will come to the warehouse.

With vSRM reservation management; It is ensured that which logistics centers will work with the reservation system, the number of ramps in the warehouse, time planning of the material receipt for each ramp and the capacities that can be accepted from different material groups.

Reservation can be taken by the suppliers who will make the shipment completely automatically by viewing the free time slots; warehouse, 3PL logistics center or store can also be carried out subject to the approval of the warehouse manager.

Reduce your vehicle waiting times at the logistics center

Vehicle congestion is prevented and waiting times are reduced in reservation shipments.

Flexible configuration

You can manage the rules of your own reservation system with the parameters of ramp numbers, material receipts times and capacities.

Plan your receiving operations

It is possible to plan the future materials by knowing the reservation shipping details known in advance.

Reservation with automatic or manual confirmation system

On the basis of logistics center, online reservation or reservation system based on confirmation can be set up.

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