Supplier Quality Management

Automated and standardized approach
to working through quality issues.

Supplier Quality Management //



Reduce supply chain risk and costs with a digital supplier collaboration solution that streamlines quality management processes! Build a streamlined and automated process for managing supplier quality with an automated and standardized approach to working through quality issues.


Equip with tools that increase your supplier quality assurance.


Work collaboratively with your suppliers to streamline your quality process. Supply side processes like PPAP, SMRR, CPA’s, G8D management. Use one platform for documentation and procedures for Quality Assurance, all integrated with your ERP system.


Analyze where you need to focus.


Avoid quality costs and quality-related production disruptions. Identify the risk before it impacts your business and plan the necessary steps to keep operations going! vSRM offers supplier quality audits and action tracking tools to plan, monitor and manage preventive action steps for continuous improvement.




Supplier Quality Management Tools

Material Receipt Quality Control

It is designed for companies that do not implement quality control modules in their ERP systems to perform their quality control processes over vSRM. Let you plan, execute and control your quality control, sampling and control frequencies.

Supplier Quality Management Tools

Supplier Reject Reports (SMRR)

Share all the errors encountered with your suppliers in a systematic and detailed manner. SMRR (Supplier Material Reject Report) can be opened manually on vSRM system directly or automatically depending on the data triggers from your ERP Quality Control Module.

Supplier Quality Management Tools

Corrective Actions - G8D

Prevent repetition of problems by using the 8D approach. with 8D reports; Identify critical issues on delivered parts, deep drive the root cause analysis, plan preventive actions and be sure they are applied on the supplier side. Real time collaboration with your supplier on problem solving.

Supplier Quality Management Tools

PPAP Management

It verifies that the supplier understands all customer engineering design specifications & requirements. The process is capable of consistently producing products meeting those requirements. It allows you to interactively manage the PPAP process with your suppliers. All records are logged and all PPAP files are centrally stored in the database.

Supplier Quality Management Tools

Audit & Action Management

Systematic follow-up of the Supplier Audit & Action Management. The planning of the process audits to be applied at the Supplier site and their realization are monitored. The activities carried out by the supplier regarding the post-audit actions are entered and submitted for the approval of the customer.

Supplier Quality Management Tools

On-Site Quality Control

Online Quality Controls for the contracted manufacturing can be carried out at the manufacturer’s location. On-site Quality controls are planned, work assignments are made to quality teams and quality work orders are sent to mobile phones. 3 party quality control companies can also be used.

Supplier Quality Management Tools

Supplier Document Controls & Management

With vSRM, let us keep track of all up-to-date documents required for your suppliers for you. And let's create warning notifications to your suppliers for documents that need to be updated.

Supplier Quality Management Tools

Supplier Suggestions

Let your suppliers participate in process development and improvement activities with their suggestions. All suggestions are evaluated systematically. Feedback and Actions can be reported to suppliers on vSRM.

Supplier Quality Management Tools

Supplier Quality Dashboard

Online Quality Dashboards provide efficient, reliable and standard reporting. Many graphical reports and analysis are ready to use for management quality reviews. Supplier performance and general quality KPI’s can be analyzed with online live data.

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