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eSourcing //

Integrated digital purchasing experience with your ERP System


Integrated structure

It enables you to create a digital supply system with its integrated structure with your requisition, eSourcing, catalog and contract modules and process transitions and your ERP system, and perform the digital transformation in purchasing in a complete manner.

Benefit from the Online Auction environment!

Create the best quotes for orders or long-term purchase contracts.

Online RFQx and online auction experience in the cloud

Provide your suppliers with a structure where they can compete transparently and equally, start using immediately without integration with the SaaS model…

Online & Transparent

Manage the competition online and transparently

Economics of Scale

Enable to manage digitally common supply processes for group of companies

Auditable eSourcing Events

Recorded purchasing operations and online procurement activities

Reach more suppliers

Increase your RFQx by up to %40

Saving time

70% time savings in supply chain process and eSourcing

Multi Company Centralized Sourcing

Common category purchasing management of a corporate group is now very easy!

vSRM strategic purchasing and eSourcing solution not only digitizes the purchasing processes of a company, but also enables holdings and group of companies to effectively manage their joint supplies.

Make your company’s service purchases from one place.

Expert category managers, who see the requisitions from all companies on a single screen, combine requisition consolidations and demands, and perform joint procurement processes with eRFQs and eAuctions methods.

Convenience of central management integrated with ERP systems

While economy of scale is achieved with the joint purchases of the group of companies, easy management is ensured by the automation of all processes.

Benefits >

Centralized Purchasing

Centralized purchasing for group companies

Common Category Management

Build your purchasing team specialized in category management

Economics of Scale

It allows you to purchase at advantageous prices

Integrated with different ERPs

Being able to integrate with different ERP Systems used in group of companies

Central Process Management

Central Order, Catalog and Contract Management


Your suppliers submit their offers in all sales categories online.

It enables you to digitize all your bid collection activities, from the smallest to the largest, to the most complex procurement projects.

For large and complex procurement projects, it offers to request for quotations with Cost Breakdown Structure (CBS) support.

Provides systematic scoring and evaluation of non-price elements, as well as summary tables in bid comparison and evaluation.

With vSRM robotic process automation applications, your quotation requests are forwarded to the suppliers with automation in certain material groups.

Benefits >

Easy to receive the RFQx

More suppliers, more offers to collect

Competitive Environment

Actual pricing created by competition in the market

Standardized Process Flow

Transparent, reliable and controllable RFQs process, easy to try

Robotic Process Automation

Hands-free automated quotation requests

Strategic Decisions

Purchase decisions made in at least 15-20% shorter time

eAuctions – Online Auctions

After the auction, you can invite the suppliers you have invited to the online auction and enable them to compete transparently.

An integrated auction process with process transitions

After the auction; allows you to create purchase order, purchase catalog or long-term contracts

The choice is yours: Stand-alone or integrated with your ERP systems

You can use it stand-alone, as a self-service auction tool for your strategic purchases, or use it integrated with other vSRM modules and your ERP system.

Take advantage of our professional support services

You can always get support to reach your goals with our support services during the auction process.

Benefits >

Transparent Competition Environment

Online, simultaneous and transparent competition environment


Savings and reductions in purchasing costs

Internal Auction Monitoring Invitations

Online monitoring of the auction by company managers who procured during the auction

Self Service eAuction

Self-service eAuction module in the cloud without the initial investment cost

Management of Complicated Auctions

Easy and fast management of large-scale, complex procurement projects

Earnings Reporting

Auction evaluation reports and savings analysis reports

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