Koçtaş increased efficiency and reduced costs in the supply process with vSRM.

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Project Koçtaş

Koçtaş increased efficiency and reduced costs in the supply process with vSRM.

Koçtaş, among Turkey’s leading retail chain companies, has been successfully using ITG’s –who is known with the innovative technologies introduced in the supply chain management- vSRM (virtual Supplier Relationship Management) application since 2007. Authorities of Koçtaş who built a fast and sound communication with its suppliers during every step from the communication of the orders to the suppliers via vSRM to the delivery indicate that this system, which does not create any additional cost to them, has gone beyond satisfying their expectations in changing conditions, and new requests can be rapidly commissioned and opened for use.

The system is being used by over 500 active suppliers.
Monthly 50 thousand orders in average are entered to vSRM.
Over 20 thousand products are managed during the supply process.
98% of the purchasing turnover passes through vSRM.
vSRM is being used by over 250 people under the body of Koçtaş either directly or indirectly.
All purchases of the headquarters and 26 stores are managed via vSRM.

Gains Using vSRM

An efficient and fast communication environment has been obtained with vSRM.

The productivity experienced in the supply process has positively influenced the customer satisfaction of Koçtaş.

With vSRM, all stages of the supply process became measurable.

With vSRM, the supply process stopped being depended on people and the errors have been minimized.

An interactive communication environment has been established with the suppliers and the communication has been reinforced.

Order and supply performance criteria (KPI) started to be obtained very quickly and correctly.

Utilization of vSRM provided time and resource saving in our business processes.

Immediate information of the suppliers from the order changes by means of the automatic e-mails and SMS services which are produced by the system has been enabled and the reaction periods have been improved.

The system enabled increasing the service quality of suppliers.

Owing to vSRM, the performance of suppliers began to be evaluated via numerical data.

A structure which supports the development of suppliers has been realized.

The system, which enables all suppliers to see the stock level via vSRM also allowed for the suppliers to perform production planning.

In order to automatically transfer the orders to the own systems of the willing suppliers, a standard infrastructure which provides data transfer in different formats (EDI, XML, csv) has been created.

The required infrastructure for the supply process was established in a fast, practical and flexible manner with vSRM. A system with low total cost of ownership and sustainability was realized.

About Company


Koçtaş, among the first companies of Koç Group, was founded in 1955. As a leading home development retailer, Koçtaş opened its first store in 1996 in Bornova, Izmir, and it was followed by Antalya, Izmir Balçova and Bodrum stores.Store openings continued following the partnership agreement signed B&Q, the market leader of Europe and third largest company of the world in home development retailing in 2000. Currently possessing companies at Kartal, Şişli, Yenibosna, Eyüp, Optimum SHC and Beylikdüzü in Istanbul; Ankamall and Çankaya 365 SHC in Ankara; Bornova, Balçova and Mavişehir in Izmir; Topçular, Özdilekpark SHC and Alanya in Antalya, Koçtaş serves in Edremit, Kuşadası, Bodrum, İzmit, Bursa Korupark, Forum Mersin, Eskişehir,Forum Trabzon, Konya, Kayseri, Malatya and Denizli. The company with a strong local supply chain and international purchasing power, has totally 135 thousand square meter area at its totally 26 stores. Koçtaş covers ten thousands of product types from decorative products to furniture, home textile products to ceramics, garden furniture to lighting products, teen room to readymade curtains, and carpet to parquet. Koçtaş also offers its customers different services such as turnkey house renovation, and “Call/Click We’ll Bring!” telephone and internet order period.

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