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Digital solutions designed specifically to automate supply chain execution
for direct materials.

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Implemention of advanced supply chain applications is simplified


Implementation of advanced supply chain applications is simplified. Collaboration with all your direct material suppliers real-time for eKanban, JIT and JITs delivery call offs messages on just a single vSRM platform. It’s also easy for your suppliers to adapt and support you for these kinds of advanced operations.


Achieve Operational Excellence and Reduce Inventory levels


vSRM’s VMI, Consignment stock,  eKanban and auto-replenishment mechanisms allows more frequently shipments when JUST the materials is needed.  With JUST IN TIME approach  you can decrease the stock levels without interrupting the production activities.

Supply Chain Solutions Tools

VMI - Vendor Management Inventory

vSRM provides flexible and easy-to-use tools for manufacturing and retail companies to implement VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory) and Consignment Inventory Management.

Supply Chain Solutions Tools

eKanban – Auto Replenishment

The use of the lean manufacturing philosophy, pull materials from suppliers when needed. It provides automatic generation of kanban cards with different kanban card creation algorithms and transmission of shipping signals to suppliers.

Supply Chain Solutions Tools

JIT- Just In Time Delivery

vSRM JIT solution is needed by OEM's like commercial vehicle , bus , track, military equipment manufactures where the production speed is relatively low compared to car production. vSRM allows the manufacturer to share their manufacturing assembly line vehicle sequence with their JIT delivery suppliers.

Supply Chain Solutions Tools

JIT/s- Sequenced Delivery

İt is needed by OEM's where assembly time of a vehicle is high and the call off messages for a vehicle must be sent to the supplier from different manufacturing points for early warnings. vSRM allows the manufacturer to share their manufacturing assembly line vehicle sequence with their JIT/S delivery suppliers

Supply Chain Solutions Tools

Returnable Packaging Management

Manage the inventory and logistics of returnable packaging in your supply chain. vSRM Returnable Packaging Management solution enables circular logistic flows for returnable and reusable packaging material such as containers, cases, pallets, etc.

Supply Chain Solutions Tools

Inventory Sharing

Visualize and track inventory levels with your vSRM solution. Both suppliers and purchasing companies can share their stock levels in real time with each others for better collaboration.

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