Turkey's Leading Fashion and Clothing Brand Koton brought a new breath to supply chain management with its vSRM Retail Textile Platform.

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Turkey’s Leading Fashion and Clothing Brand Koton brought a new breath to supply chain management with its vSRM Retail Textile Platform.

Our vSRM Retail Textile project that we started with Koton; It has ensured that the intensive activities of the products obtained from many suppliers at the point of sale and delivery to the final customer are managed together with the Stakeholders of the Value Chain (Suppliers, 3PL Companies, Forwarder Companies and Cargo Companies).

The horizontal integration infrastructure in the Industry 4.0 concept was established by displaying the data needed by the business partners on the web in an integrated manner with the ERP systems, and ensuring that they work integrated with their own systems at necessary points.

Gains Using vSRM

The ability of manufacturers to direct their work by seeing their work orders (orders) online.

Orders are sent to the supplier in a way that includes all necessary information such as product pictures, color codes and order status.

Automatic workflow, approval process and notification emails

Progress is made with approvals at every stage of production, and all communication between the manufacturer and production managers is managed in a healthy way.

A structure that guarantees the correct and desired packaging by the supplier

By means of packaging rules and checklists, incomplete, excess, unbalanced (on the basis of size) packaging is prevented.

Ability to take proactive action against a delayed step in work orders

With the supplier, a process monitoring was provided that assists in timely delivery of products with planning and follow-up.

Quick checks and online data entry with mobile field operations

With vSRM, field personnel can view their daily work lists over their mobile phones.

Effective workforce planning and effective process management

It has been ensured that processes are guided quickly according to the results of quality control.

Planning, tracking and management of all international transfers

A structure has been presented in which forwarders can share data easily and quickly.

Traceability and reporting in all import processes with vSRM

The movements of the voyage at all stages such as departure, Country Customs, Warehouse, Logistics Center were followed, and the stage of any package was started to be monitored online.

Easy management of all export operations

Product traceability was increased by monitoring the status of all expeditions in the export process.

About Company


Koton is a chain of stores headquartered in Istanbul, with more than 10,000 employees and a total of 504 stores, 203 of which are abroad and more than 300 in Turkey, with more than 800 sales points in 28 countries. Operating in the ready-to-wear sector, Koton was founded in Istanbul in 1988 by the couple Yılmaz Yılmaz and Gülden Yılmaz. Cotton; It started to offer its rich content on as of September 2015, and in the second year after was opened, it became Koton's largest store with more than 3 million monthly unique users and more than 20 thousand product range.

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