Inventory Sharing

Provide mutual inventory visibility.

Inventory Sharing //

Provide mutual inventory visibility.

Inventory Sharing

When urgent plan changes are required in the production sector, the visibility of the materials ready for shipment in the supplier’s stock will allow you to make plan changes more easily. vSRM provides instant stock inquiry through web services from supplier systems, allowing the purchasing company to see the current stock.

In the retail sector, vSRM stock inquiry services can be used to query the availability of products in online sales channels and to automatically close out of stock or finished products for sale.

By sharing the current stock status of the purchasing companies in the production companies with the suppliers, the visibility of the inventory stock (VMI) managed by the supplier and the follow-up of the consignment stocks can be provided by the suppliers.

In the retail sector, sharing the current product stocks on the basis of stores and warehouses with the relevant suppliers is valuable data that allows the supplier to plan sales-increasing actions of inactive product stocks.

Two-way stock visibility

Both suppliers can share their own stocks and the purchasing company can share the supplier's inventory in their own stocks.

Taking automatic actions in online sales channels

Prevent order acceptance with negative stock by monitoring the stock status of products shipped from suppliers online.

One platform for the common action planning

Suppliers can view stock status and inactive stock information on store, product group and product basis via vSRM.

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