Requisition Management

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Requisition Management //

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Requisition Management

Purchase Requests are used by large organizations to manage and control purchase requests and budgets for products and services.

vSRM in group companies to support central supply operations and expense analysis; It is designed as a common requisition management platform for different sub-companies and different campuses of companies.

It has the feature of being integrated with the ERP system or used as a requisition management and purchasing system on its own.

It can be designed to reflect requisiton reporting, approval and other purchasing policies, integrated with the HR of the organizations.

Stand alone or ERP integration

Can use both of the stand alone or with ERP system integrations

Multi-company structure

Support to multi-company structure

Guided purchasing

E-commerce experience with vSRM catalog management module

Budget control

Full control of your spend management

Flexible approval mechanism

Flexible workflow in requisition approval process

Online statu trackig

Online tracking the statu of requisition

Multi Company Requisition Management

vSRM enables requests created from group of companies and companies which in all large-scale locations using different ERP systems to be managed in a single environment.

Requisitions belonging to different group of companies can be viewed on a single screen by the central purchasing teams.

When used without ERP integration; requisition entries and spending controls are implemented by authorizing users in accordance with companies’ purchasing policies and spending control.

It provides central requisition management for holdings, group of companies and institutions with multiple campuses such as banks, hotels, shopping malls and hospitals.

Benefits >

Central requisiton management

All requests in one place

Purchasing in online shopping experience

Visual requisition generation through vSRM catalogs

Centralized Control

Implementation of centralized expenditure control policies

Online status tracking

Requisition and Status traceability

Requisition Approval Workflow

Flexible and mobile claim approval workflow.

Parametric structure in which demand and expenditure policies and controls can be applied.

Features >

It can be integrated with your human resources organization chart.

It provides the opportunity to confirm anywhere with a mobile phone.

Budget Control

Real-time budget control is provided with your budgets followed in your ERP system and special budget management system during demand creation and demand approvals.

For companies that do not have a budget tracking system, monthly and annual expenditure budget values and budget usage tracking can be made on the basis of budget codes in the vSRM budget management module.

Monthly and annual control according to the budget code

Graphical display of monthly and annual budget status and usage on the basis of budget code

Collective spend reports on the basis of total budget items

Benefits >

Ability to work in an integrated structure

Online budget inquiry and control from budget management systems

Budget tracking on vSRM

Budget tracking via vSRM Budget Management module

Budget and spend analysis

Current budget status reports

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