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The procurement processes of many electronic products with high transaction volume sold in many stores of Media Markt from suppliers have been automated.

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Modules for obtaining product information from suppliers and automatic identification in their own systems were deployment and advantages were provided.

Supplier Master Data Management for Time-to-Market has gained great importance with the increase in sales not only over stores but also over the internet during the pandemic period.

Gains Using vSRM

Management of Store and Logistics Center (Warehouse) Orders

The store is working more interactively with the supplier for product availability.

Time savings and data quality in internet orders.

All orders received from online channels are transmitted to the suppliers online.

Orders are sent to suppliers which have EDI infrastructure via EDIs.

Lots of order and order change information in Media Markt; It is automatically transferred to suppliers with EDI infrastructure.

The pre-planning created by the demand planning system is shared with the suppliers via vSRM.

In the electronics industry, it is of great importance whether the product is in the hands of the supplier and whether it can supply it. It makes a forward-looking sales projection by looking at how much the sales volumes in the stores are sold on a product basis.

Pre-demands generated through advanced demand planning tools.

In Electronic Retail, feedback from suppliers can be received at the planning stage by sharing the pre-order logic with the suppliers before the final orders are opened for the purchasing needs determined on the basis of the store, with Demand planning software. The availability of the products is questioned.

Re-planning is carried out for products that are not in the stocks of suppliers.

Unnecessary firm orders and order cancellations are prevented for products that cannot be supplied.

Feedback is provided to create final orders on a per-store basis.

Suppliers' stock status, planned activities (opening, sales campaign, etc.) feedback and predictions are received according to other constraints. Supplier feedback automatically feeds back to the demand planning tool after being reviewed and confirmed by category managers and planning.

Integration with demand planning tools.

Final orders are created in the ERP system according to the plan created by Demand Planning and sent to suppliers via vSRM.

Clean and up-to-date supplier product master data management.

More product suggestions can be made to category managers by suppliers.

Time, speed and efficiency increase; labor savings.

It has been ensured that more products can be offered for sale quickly in online sales. With the Web Service and XML integration, it is ensured that the procurement product portfolio information is automatically received, and category managers can select the products they want and offer them for sale through the e-commerce channel.

Supplier companies can make controlled and fast price updates with alternative methods.

Logging in from vSRM platform, uploading from Excel, automated cross-system integration with Webservice & XML.

Decrease in orders opened with wrong prices and decrease in price difference invoices.

Reduction in the time that category managers spend on price changes and negotiations and updates with suppliers.

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Media Markt is a German multinational chain of stores selling consumer electronics with over 1000 stores in Europe. With chain of stores Saturn it constitutes Media-Saturn Holding, owned by the retail company Ceconomy, which was demerged from Metro Group in 2017. The procurement processes of many electronic products with high transaction volume sold in many stores of Media Markt from suppliers have been automated.

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