JIT/s- Just-In-Time Sequenced Delivery

JIT/s provides your suppliers with a ready-made solution for the management of just-in-time sequential feeding processes.

JIT/s - Just-In-Time Sequenced Delivery //

JIT/s - Just-In-Time Sequenced Delivery

It is used for the management of materials that are requested to be shipped in line with JIT/s (Just-in-time sequential shipment) logic in automotive production lines or light commercial vehicle production lines operating with a high production speed and mixed model tape logic.

Broadcast messages for a vehicle are transmitted from different points of the production line to suppliers operating in sequential shipping logic. Only one of these points is the point of shipment, the others are the preliminary notification point.

According to the vehicle configuration, which materials to provide are shared with the MBOM supplier, it can be seen on the basis of the vehicle identification number (VIN- Vehicle Identification Number).

On the basis of the supplier, it is ensured that the detailed delivery times are defined and even the departure and arrival times of the carriers that need to be forwarded are communicated to the suppliers in detail.

While preparing the sequential shipping materials of the suppliers, it is possible to make POKE-YOKE with hand terminals. It can be ensured that the wrong part shipment is prevented.

with vSRM JIT/s module; JIT/s Provide your suppliers with a ready-made solution for the management of just-in-time sequential feeding processes. Thus, your suppliers do not need to set up a message tracking system and invest in managing intensive JIT/s messages.

Integrated with your MES or ERP System

Production line vehicle sequences and online transmission of changes are provided. There is no need to set up a separate system for transmitting JIT/s messages to suppliers.

Vehicle-based material feed tracking

Material tracking can be managed on a vehicle basis. Red / Claim information can be tracked online.

Vehicle-based shipment tracking

Shipment tracking based on vehicle chassis number and KIT.

Ability to view the production line plan in Excel

Access to historical data is possible. The current production line plan and material feeding plan can be reported in Excel.

Minimum stock and minimum storage

JIT/s shipment management; It offers uninterrupted production with minimum stock and storage space.

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