Returnable Packaging

Returnable Packaging Management //

Returnable Packaging Management

Stock movements are tracked in integration with the ERP system of special manufacturing crates and recyclable packages used on the basis of materials.

Empty packaging shipments are planned by following the stocks of the empty packages in the hands of the supplier and calculating the packaging quantities that should be shipped to the supplier according to the order plan.

Monitoring of recyclable safe stocks

Online tracking of the stocks of empty crates in the supplier and the purchasing company

Empty case shipment planning

Plan your shipments by calculating the empty case requirements according to the supplier order and shipment plan.

Possibility of tracking via ERP systems or vSRM

If your ERP systems do not follow the recyclable crates, you can do it from the vSRM system.

Integrated with supplier ASN and procuring company warehouse receipt transaction processes

The number of recycled crates sent by the supplier during ASN notifications is calculated and automatic check-out processes are performed from the supplier.

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