eKanban - Auto Replenishment

Get the materials from your suppliers with eKanban cards!

eKanban - Auto Replenishment //

Digital Kanban system and process management

eKanban - Auto Replenishment

eKanban ensures that materials are withdrawn from suppliers when necessary, according to the lean production philosophy.

The vSRM eKanban module provides automatic generation of kanban cards with different kanban card creation algorithms and transmission of shipping signals to suppliers. It plays an active role in reducing stock levels without interrupting production processes by only shipping when necessary.

Automatic creation of kanban cards

Materials from suppliers can be procured not according to the order information, but according to the kanban cards created in the lean production logic, created in case of need. With vSRM’s different kanban card creation methods and algorithms, you can activate the most appropriate method for your process.

Creating automatic kanban cards based on material stock levels is the most widely used method. Market and warehouse stocks of kanban materials are automatically controlled, and kanban cards are created for materials that fall below the stock level.

For kanban working materials, it is ensured that the barcodes of the emptied boxes are read or the kanban cards collected at certain periods are physically read. Special subcontract kanban mechanisms can be applied for the materials transferred to the subcontract.

Planning according to supplier shipment days and hours

Shipment on the basis of the supplier, the day and delivery hours (there may be many delivery hours during the day), parameters and the shipment with which the needed material should be sent are determined automatically.

Supplier performance evaluation

The delivery performances of the materials for which kanban is studied are calculated on a detailed basis according to the delivery day and time of the kanban card.

Radical decrease in stock levels

By reducing the frequency of shipment and the amount of shipment, it is possible to make uninterrupted production with less material.

Fully automated kanban lifecycle

With different kanban card production algorithms, kanban cards are opened and closed automatically with warehouse entries.

Integrated with shipment/ASN and warehouse receipts transactions system

According to the ASN information, kanban cards are automatically shipped, and are automatically closed with warehouse receipts transactions.

Change your approach to the order management process

Relieve your order management process by switching to purchasing materials from suppliers with the philosophy of lean production instead of ordering.

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