JIT- Just In Time Delivery

Uninterrupted production with minimum stock and storage.

Just In Time Delivery //

Uninterrupted production with minimum stock and storage.

JIT- Just In Time Delivery

vSRM JIT solution is needed by OEM companies such as commercial vehicle, bus, truck, trailer and light commercial vehicle, military vehicle manufacturers where the production speed is relatively low compared to automobile production.

vSRM JIT module; In cases where the assembly time of a vehicle is approximately 2-3 days, it offers the infrastructure that enables bulky parts and modules to be shipped by the supplier on the production assembly line on a vehicle-by-vehicle basis, just when needed (JIT). It allows to share with the suppliers the vehicle assembly order on the production line on the basis of the vehicle identification number (VIN- Vecihle Identification Number) and the material information that each supplier must deliver specific to the vehicle. According to the configuration of the vehicle, suppliers can see the materials they need to send and can deliver to the assembly line.

Shipment and ASN shipment transactions can be made on the basis of the Vehicle ID number.

Any change in the production assembly line tool sequences can be tracked online by the suppliers.

Integrated with your MES or ERP System

Online communication of production line vehicle sequences and changes is provided. There is no need to set up a separate system for transmitting JIT messages to suppliers.

Vehicle-based material tracking

Material tracking can be managed on a vehicle basis. Red / Claim information can be tracked online.

Vehicle-based shipment tracking

Shipment tracking based on vehicle chassis number and KIT.

Ability to view the production line plan in Excel

Access to historical data is possible. The current production line plan and material feeding plan can be reported in Excel.

Minimum stock and minimum storage

JIT delivery management; It offers uninterrupted production with minimum stock and storage space.

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