Supplier Reject Reports (SMRR)

Supplier Reject Reports (SMRR) //

Supplier Reject Reports (SMRR)

SMRR (Supplier Material Return Report) can be created manually on the system or automatically with the information coming from the ERP system.

All of the errors detected on material basis during the incoming quality control are also sent online to the relevant quality assurance officers at the supplier by e-mail. All kinds of test reports and visuals of the material and the error are shared online, in the process where the degree of error severity, location of error detection, error codes and error repetitions are automatically detected.

SMRR records provide input to the supplier performance management module to calculate supplier quality KPIs and PPMs.

Systematic error reporting and tracking

Online reporting of all faults to the supplier

Performing supplier error analysis

Automatic detection of error codes and error repeats on a product basis

Saving time

While saving time in tracking and reporting error tracking, records based on Supplier Cost KPI calculations are kept

Integrated with your ERP system

If the entry quality control module is actively used in the ERP system, error notifications are automatically opened on vSRM according to the results of the entry quality control orders and followed up with the suppliers

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