Supplier Audit & Action Management

Time saving in tracking and reporting of actions after supplier audits!

Supplier Audit & Action Management //

Systematic follow-up of post-audit actions.

Supplier Audit & Action Management

The planning and execution of the process audits and other special audits you have planned at your suppliers can be monitored.

You can manage the planning and execution of inspections online.

You can share the detailed audit report and the action plans to be taken after the audit with your suppliers.

It is ensured that the works carried out by the supplier regarding the post-audit activities are reported on a detailed basis and submitted for your approval and opinion.

You can systematically track the completion and closing of appropriate actions.

Digitization of audit processes

Systematic systematic follow-up is carried out instead of planning the inspection process by mail and manual follow-up and reporting.

Publishing an online audit report

While conducting on-site inspections, support is provided for answering inspection questions online and calculating the inspection score.

Systematic tracking of actions

After the audit, actions can be followed systematically.

Saving on time

Time savings are achieved in monitoring and reporting.

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