PPAP Management

PPAP Management //

PPAP Management

The Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) is the verification process that the supplier understands customer engineering design specifications and requirements, and that the manufacturing process, quality control, and assurance practices are designed to ensure product quality and can be consistently managed.

It is a valuable tool for providing quality assurance of material suppliers and production processes.

The vSRM PPAP module allows you to interactively manage the PPAP process with your suppliers. It guarantees the commissioning of a change that the supplier wishes to make in the approved processes during the commissioning phase of the new product and mass production, by submitting it to the customer’s approval.

While all PPAP requests, records and documents are centrally stored in the database, approvals can be tracked in detail on the basis of each document.

Online PPAP presentations; without excels and mails

Manage PAP processes interactively with your suppliers in the central database.

Project-based follow-up

Both the supplier and the procuring company can request PPAP and PPAPs can be followed on a project basis.

Prevent duplicate PPAP processes

The parts that have previously received PPAP approval for a different project are automatically approved by the PPAP processes for the other project.

All PPAP files and documents are safe in the central database

All correspondence and records related to PPAP are logged and all PPAP files are centrally stored in the database.

Integrated with ERP System

You can restrict your operations by feeding your ERP system with the knowledge of whether the material has PPAP approval or not.

Reporting in detail

You can follow the completion stages of PPAP processes with project-based reporting and analysis.

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