Material Receipt Quality

Ensure Material Quality Assurance with Frequency Input Quality Control.

Material Receipt Quality Control //

Measurement results visible to suppliers.

Material Receipt Quality Control

It is the module that enables companies that have not implemented quality control modules in their ERP system to perform quality control operations through vSRM.

You can define a detailed control plan for each material purchased by the Quality Management module and perform the quality control process for all specified criteria. Control plans can be defined for material and item groups and periodical checks can be made according to control frequency plan and the stage of the materials on the plan..

Quality Control Plans

The control method, control characteristics, control frequency, dynamic changes, and error categories contained can be defined on the basis of products and product groups.Sampling plans can be defined separately according to the lot size.

The frequency of the lot to be controlled, and after the successive controls, the detail control frequencies can be defined to make the controls sparse and reduce the frequency.

 Quality Control Orders

Quality control process is triggered by the material stock receipt, the type and frequency of control are managed by the frequency control plans directed by the system. In addition, sample levels can be determined according to sampling plans. Control results can be entered by sample or for the batch.

Control Orders & Results are visible to Suppliers.

Quality control orders results and the reports is accessible by the related Supplier via vSRM.

Detailed Quality Control Planning

Creation and follow-up of Material Quality Control Plans

Routing for Frequency Quality Control frequency

Systematic controls of control frequencies and guidance to the quality team are provided

Statistical Frequency determination

Opportunity to provide material quality assurance by making less control with statistical methods instead of 100% each lot control

Visibility of Results by Suppliers

Check results are available to relevant suppliers

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