Survey Management

With the survey management module, you can publish in-house surveys and supplier surveys on any subject you want.

Survey Management //

You can use the questionnaires, whose scoring algorithm can be defined, in the supplier performance module and the supplier commissioning module.

Survey Management

With the vSRM survey management module, you can create a multi-language question bank. It is a workflow module that allows you to create and publish multi-language surveys containing different question types in a controlled manner. It includes advanced scoring algorithms that calculate participant survey scores based on answers to questions and survey average scores based on responses from all survey participants.

General purpose internal and external surveys can be organized, as well as internal customer evaluation surveys to measure the quality of your service provider suppliers, and are used in KPI calculations in the supplier performance module.
Supplier-specific surveys can be published to learn some application details from suppliers and to collect information via remote surveys and use them in performance evaluation.

Question lists and surveys created in the survey module; It can also be used in the audit module to create audit questions that need to be answered in supplier process audits and to enter online answers during the audit.

While the surveys can be for general purposes, they can also be used in integration with the supplier performance module of the vSRM system, supplier commissioning and pre-assessment, and supplier audit modules.

Multilingual question bank

Creating a multi-language question bank with different question types.

Create a Self-Service survey

Possibility to create multiple own customized surveys with different question types.

Controlled survey creation and publication

Flexible workflow support for survey content approvals and survey release approvals.

Survey scoring algorithms

Ability to determine customizable scoring algorithms on the basis of questions and surveys.

In-house supplier evaluation surveys

Use of internal customer evaluation surveys to evaluate suppliers.

Multipurpose use

Questionnaires can be general-purpose or used in integration with different modules of the vSRM system.

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