Periodical Trend Reports

Take advantage of KPI trend reports to be proactive and take action in advance.

Periodical Trend Reports //

Keep close eye on decreases and improvements in Supplier Service levels.

Periodical Trend Reports

Supplier overall service level score or its changes over time for each KPI category and KPI; makes it possible to analyze through trend reports.

Closely monitor supplier performance with weekly and monthly performance reports and periodic comparisons.

See the KPIs of your suppliers in the same industry in comparison on a single chart.

View the performance levels of the sectors you receive service from the average of the performances of the suppliers in the similar sector!

Easy detection of improvement points

It enables easy detection of supplier KPIs that fall below target values or enter a downward trend over time.

Comparison of suppliers in the same industry

Compare the KPIs of your suppliers in the same industry on a single chart.

Monitor industry-based service level

Compare the service quality you receive on a sectoral basis with the service levels of other sectors.

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