KPI Library

You can immediately start monitoring the performance of your suppliers with the supplier scorecard consisting of the KPIs you have chosen from the ready-made KPI library.

KPI Library //

Take advantage of the ready-to-use industry standard KPI library.

KPI Library

For 360 degree supplier performance measurement; Where data-based measurement is not possible, different types of KPIs are used, such as manual scoring and event-based score reduction, and internal customer satisfaction surveys to measure service / service quality.

vSRM offers ready-made calculation methods for KPIs calculated based on data. Suppliers’ logistics performance such as order fulfillment rates, on-time delivery, compliance with logistics operations and many ready-made KPI sets are available, such as PPM, error rates, reaction times to corrective preventive actions.

The parameters used in the calculation algorithm of the calculated KPIs can be customized on a supplier basis and precise calculations can be made.

Industry Standard KPI Sets

Industry standard KPIs for the automotive, manufacturing and retail industries.

Customization by supplier

KPI calculation parameters can be customized on a supplier basis.

Goal score and goal compliance tracking

For each KPI, determining the periodic target score on the basis of the supplier and tracking it in accordance with the target.

Monitoring KPI trends

Graphical visualization of the progress in the details of each KPI, access to the data used in the calculations with the drill down feature.

Self-Service Control and transparency

Seeing the explanations of the KPI calculation algorithm by the suppliers and performing scoring controls with transparent access.

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