GSA - Penalty Bills Management

Detailed reporting for orders not complying with GSA (Global Service Administration)

GSA - Penalty Bills Management //

Calculation and optional invoicing of penalty invoices for suppliers causing loss of sales

GSA - Penalty Bills Management

It is a module used in the retail industry. In the retail sector, it ensures that the order fulfillment levels (Service level agreements) that the suppliers have committed for the supply of products are reported on an order basis and that the penalty invoices to be issued to the supplier in order to compensate for the loss due to the loss of potential sales for the unfulfilled orders, and the invoice issuance process is systematically managed by confirming with the supplier. .

Penalty invoices are calculated for companies that are below the promised service level due to loss of sales.

Defining GSA (Global Service Administration)

Definitions of GSA agreements on the basis of suppliers and product groups

Transparent Reporting and Approval

Detailed reporting on the basis of supplier order item and determination of penalty amounts and supplier objection and approval process

Acquired Company Manager Approvals

Procuring company approval flow for penalty invoices to be issued to suppliers

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