Online Supplier Scorecard

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Online Supplier Scorecard //

Online, transparent supplier KPI tracking that supports continuous improvement.

Online Supplier Scorecard

It allows you to follow the KPIs of all suppliers that provide direct / indirect products and services, and determines periodic targets for each KPI according to the principle of management on a target basis, and allows you to create a supplier scorecard with actual data within the period. Your suppliers are scored out of 100 according to the percentage weights of the KPIs in the supplier scorecard.

Activate the advanced supplier evaluation system with functions that you can shape thanks to its transparent, real-time and parametric structure according to your needs.

You can define assessment templates containing KPIs for different supplier groups. In addition to the information on the vSRM system, data from alternative data sources can also be used as inputs in the calculations of supplier scorecard KPIs.

KPI calculation parameters and method can be customized on a supplier basis. Target scores for each KPI can be customized.

Suppliers can monitor the progress of each KPI over time by viewing their current service levels online during the period. It has the opportunity to take timely action for KPIs that have decreased and are below the target.

Applicable to all suppliers

Different evaluation templates and KPI sets can be created for all suppliers that provide direct / indirect products and services.

Real-time assessment

Real-time transparent measurement and evaluation.

Quickly deploy Supplier Scorecard

Activate the supplier scorecard immediately without wasting time with ready-made KPI sets in parametric structure

Access to calculation details transparently

Suppliers can access all data used in calculations with Drill-Down. If permission is granted, the appeal process can be initiated.

Use of different data sources

In Supplier Scorecard calculations, data from different data sources can be used as inputs in KPI calculations.

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