International Transportation Management

Provide end-to-end traceability for transport planning and tracking for import and export operations and material logistics.

International Transportation Management //

Take control of your transportation and logistics planning and expenses with transportation management applications.

International Transportation Management

Ensure your logistics tracking by performing simultaneous transactions with your business partners involved in transportation operations carried out on both the import and export side through a single interface.

The tracking and traceability of the products delivered from the supplier to the forwarder companies in all logistics centers on the basis of package is ensured. For internal and international transfers between logistics centers; expedition planning, vehicle loading planning and expedition tracking operations are carried out in a coordinated manner through vSRM so that all your business partners can see the same data.

You can make the shipment planning of all your transfers by highway, sea, air and railway with vSRM.

Ready-to-use web services are offered for integration with 3PL Forwarder Companies’ systems.

End-to-End Monitoring and Tracking

Full tracking of products for import and export logistics

Detailed Visibility

Multi-Level packing and expedition loading planning and vehicle loading planning

Business Partner Connectivity

Ready-to-use web services for integration with the systems of 3PL Forwarder Companies

Transport Cost Management

Follow-up of transportation costs and other logistics costs on the basis of expedition and calculation of unit transportation costs of transported materials

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