Inbound Transportation Management

Manage the shipping planning and tracking of incoming materials in a coordinated manner involving all parties

Inbound Transportation Management //

Internal and International incoming material transportation planning

Inbound Transportation Management

Inbound transportation management is used for shipment planning of domestic and international supplier orders and for receiving supplier loading confirmations and shipment details, transportation and shipping expedition planning and shipping expedition tracking when the responsibility belongs to the procuring company.

Transport zones, Vehicle types, Carrier and Carrier contract data can be defined as master data.

Involve your third-party shipping company.  

As users of the vSRM system in the inbound transportation module, 3rd party shipping companies are also actively involved in the management of the process.

Expeditions are created for sea, land and air transportation, cargoes to be taken within the scope of shipment and vehicle plans are created by entering them.

Shipment planning can be done by the carrier or the procuring company by the user.

When finalized shipping plans are published, suppliers can see information about the vehicle to be loaded, the time of arrival for pickup, and other information.

Route details, material collection order and loading operations times can be planned in detail for vehicles that will stop by many suppliers.

Suppliers specify shipping expedition information during shipment notifications and actual loading of orders within the scope of ASN is done on a shipment basis.

The controls of the carrier invoices are reported with the shipping costs calculated on the basis of shipment by the system.

Freight invoice calculations, which must be arranged for the transportations made by the forwarder company, can be made on the basis of shipment. System support is provided for the control of freight invoices.

Receiving order loading confirmations

Ability to receive freight details and confirmations on the basis of package of upcoming order shipments by the supplier or the shipper

Shipping expedition planning and vehicle occupancy checks

Seeing the occupancy rates of the loads assigned to the vehicle, depending on the vehicle capacities, in the vehicle volume, LM, etc. measurement units.

Partial loading and determination of loading route

Specifying the detailed loading route and times for partial shipments from different suppliers.

Follow-up of realizations on the basis of expeditions

Tracking of the arrival time and loading time entries according to the vehicle route and the shipments that have been made.

Freight invoice calculation on the basis of voyage

Calculation of freight invoices for partial shipments depending on freight contract terms

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