Import Export File Tracking and Custom Clearance Operations

Digitization of foreign trade operations and customs procedures involving all parties

Import Export File Tracking & Custom Clearance Operations //

Integration between systems with integration services in foreign trade file and expense tracking

Import Export File Tracking and Custom Clearance Operations

Import / export file tracking; It is the module that enables the management and follow-up of the details followed on a file basis in foreign trade applications together with the supplier and customs consultant. All expenses incurred on the basis of the import file are transferred to the vSRM system to be submitted to the approval of the trade managers in integration with the customs consultancy systems, and the expense, payment information and other information of the approved and closed foreign trade file are automatically transferred to the ERP system.

Import Payments

It is ensured that the goods price payments, bank money transfer records and details for the import process are displayed by the suppliers.

Import/export file tracking

The foreign trade file, which is created to track foreign trade transactions under a record, helps you to collect and track information under a single roof, such as payments, loading details, loading container details, freight expenses, customs clearance opened to customs broker and details. All expenses incurred on the basis of foreign trade file numbers are transferred manually or integrated in the Customs consultancy system, and they are tracked on a file basis.

Import and Export Cost Tracking and Management

It is ensured that all your expenses such as shipping, transportation and insurance of the import and export order are recorded.

Import/customs costs; Taxes, duties and other handling, extra surcharge expenses for storege in custom area etc. expenses are calculated and reported to be reflected in the unit prices of the products included in the import file by using different distribution keys.

Customs clearance order management

Status tracking of customs and declaration transactions is carried out on a detailed basis, by creating work orders to the customs consultants in order to carry out customs transactions on the basis of foreign trade content. Customs brokers can perform the necessary transactions and updates over the vSMR system, as well as automatically transfer their file transactions and status to the vSRM system through Web services that allow integration with their own systems.

Provision of Documents Required for Customs Procedures

You can ensure that documents and other documents to be used in declarations and customs procedures, which must be obtained from the supplier, are obtained from the suppliers through vSRM.

Integration with the Customs clearance system

You can include your customs brokers in your process as a business partner and assign work orders.

A system is provided to your customs consultants where they can enter all expenses on the basis of file number.

File/Declaration current status inquiry.

Integration of all expenses/invoices made by the customs consultancy on behalf of the company.

Intersystem integration point

Integration services and inter-system integration in foreign trade file and expense tracking

Customs clearance work order tracking

Customs clearances can be active users of the vSRM system or can be integrated with their own systems.

Detail foreign trade file tracking

It is ensured that all transactions, which are due to foreign trade, are gathered by one platform.

Cost tracking and cost distribution

Tracking all expenses on a file basis and distribution of file expenses with different cost distribution keys are provided.

Integration with your ERP system

Automatic transfer of all file-based records to the ERP system and automatic creation of expense records in the ERP system are provided.

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