Successful results of vSRM application at TEI provided satisfaction for all parties.

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Successful results of vSRM application at TEI provided satisfaction for all parties.

TEI is obliged to adapt to instant changes due to the dynamics of its sector; vSRM platform is used for purchasing and order management, procurement process tracking and tracking of parts operated in the sub-industry.

Gains Using vSRM

Quick Changes

With vSRM, order changes can be transferred to suppliers automatically and quickly. TEI has become able to respond quickly to changes in the supply plan.

A Single Platform

With the infrastructure of vSRM that provides fast adaptation, it was ensured that all suppliers were communicated on a single platform. TEI started to monitor all its critical purchases, including domestic and foreign consumable suppliers, through the vSRM system together with its suppliers.

Easy Access

The uploading of all documents sent with the shipment to the system by the suppliers provides easy access to the documents required during the customs clearance and transportation stages, eliminating the manual follow-up processes.

Online Tracking

With the integration of the TEI special software used in vSRM and logistics tracking processes, the materials have become traceable online by TEI and the parties using the logistics tracking system from the moment they are shipped. Supplier delivery service levels are transparently measured and reported online, automatically.

Controlled Sub-Industry Management

The traceability and control of every stage related to the management of parts operated in the supplier industry has increased. Sub-industry suppliers have become able to see which parts will be needed when and according to their work order deadlines. They had the opportunity to prioritize themselves.

Error-Free and Complete Billing

Sub-industries started to issue invoices for parts approved and accepted by TEI. Problems such as incorrect or incomplete invoicing and previous disagreements with companies have been eliminated. Significant labor savings were achieved for TEI.

Efficient Increase in Business Volume

Despite the 90% increase in business volume in the supply industry group in the last two years with the productivity increase provided by vSRM, TEI has become more effective by creating a small increase in the number of personnel.

Chip Tracking System

With the chip tracking system built on vSRM, the amount of valuable alloy chips collected back from the sub-industries was increased. Significant economic value was created for TEI.

About Company


Established in 1985 with the partnership agreement signed between Turkish Aviation and Space Industry Inc., General Electric (GE), Turkish Armed Forces Foundation (TSKGV) and Turkish Aeronautical Association (THK), TEI has been serving the aviation industry for more than 30 years. by giving. experience gained during this period, thousands of employees and today reaches aviation engine with a leading position in the export volume of Turkey. TEI; With its reliable, high quality production, it is an important brand that has proven itself in the global markets, is known and preferred in the world.

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