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Growing steadily on the axis of innovation and digitalization, Borusan carries out its supply chain operations with its digital business partner ITG.

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Working with ITG, Borusan Group accelerated its business processes.

With the vSRM Platform developed in the cloud environment, Borusan has been able to monitor a material in production or shipped digitally full-time, including the customer, while being able to see the customer agreement in another module, moving the work flow processes completely to the digital environment, increasing its efficiency in supply chain management.

Gains Using vSRM

The category and material tree has been reworked.

All data that will be needed by different parties in a digital environment has been updated in a material card.

Requisition collection in the e-mail environment was terminated.

While collecting offers in the digital environment, time was gained for suppliers to better understand the requested material.

With vSRM, Borusan suppliers started to create and update their own records.

An easy and fast supplier commissioning process was created by creating a single application process for suppliers.

It was possible to place orders quickly at competitive prices.

More than 5000 cataloged materials turn into automatic orders.

E-Auctions result in faster results.

All purchases began to be carried out almost like online auctions.

A competitive environment has been created for suppliers.

Borusan suppliers started to compete in the sectoral market places created in the vSRM environment.

About Company


It is a group of companies based in Istanbul, operating in the fields of steel, distributorship, energy and logistics in Turkey and around the world. Founded by Asım Kocabıyık in 1944, the group employs approximately 7,500 people in 12 different countries with more than 10 companies. Borusan Group's basic strategy is based on a vision that focuses on developing innovative products and services while continuing to create added value for the Turkish economy, with an open horizon to world markets. Borusan consistently invests in digitalization; We focus on transforming our business processes, implementing innovative business models and continuously increasing customer satisfaction.

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