Otokar has been relying on vSRM for 25 years for a fast and high quality supply network.

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Project Otokar

Otokar among automotive sector giants has been managing its supply chain with ITG’s vSRM (virtual Supplier Relationship Management) for 25 years.

At the point reached today, the authorities of the organization which covers more than 80% of the supply volume through vSRM on web, indicate that ITG s this special solution includes a very correct approach for the automotive sector.

OTOKAR vSRM Project Summary Information

The number of suppliers who use vSRM is over 120 (More than 80% of Otokar s total business volume)
The approximate number of materials supplied by Otokar via vSRM system is between 1200-1500 items.
The program information can be sent in EDI and other file formats desired by the supplier to allow the suppliers to transfer the data in their own systems.
Barcoded shipment labels of the suppliers can be printed via vSRM.
The suppliers create and send the dispatch notes of the materials they ship to Otokar on vSRM.
Quality reports can be monitored by the suppliers, the Supplier performances are calculated and issued on vSRM system.

Gains Using vSRM

Error rates are minimized.

Otokar, which communicated with its suppliers via fax in the pre-vSRM period, abandoned this time-consuming and error-prone method and started working with vSRM.

Labor and time savings were achieved.

Prior to vSRM, Otokar had serious time losses in the process of entering incoming raw materials into the system, and with vSRM, these processes were made much faster.

Having a measurable system, Otokar increased the service quality of its suppliers.

Otokar, which realizes more than 80 percent of its procurement volume through vSRM, has achieved significant time and labor savings compared to the past. With vSRM, suppliers' performances began to be evaluated based on numerical data.

vSRM, which has low total cost of ownership and sustainability, brought speed and productivity gains to Otokar.

vSRM made significant contributions to Otokar's healthy supply chain planning. It also played a role in Otokar's maximum efficiency from its ERP software, as it allowed consistent and accurate information to be transmitted.

Flexible modular structure

vSRM, with its 12 different modules, gave Otokar a chance to use the module it needed, offering a flexible platform.

About Company


Operating under the Koç Group since 1963, Otokar is a company that offers tailor-made solutions to its customers' needs with its own technology, design and applications. In the field of public transportation, minibuses, “Sultan”, “Doruk” and “Kent'' branded buses, "Land Rover Defender" 4x4 tactical wheeled all-terrain vehicles with Land Rover license, wheeled light armored vehicles for the defense industry; The company, which produces trailers and semi-trailers under the brands "Otokar" and "Otokar Fruehauf" for the transportation and logistics sector, is also the main contractor of the Modern Tank Production Project with Altay National facilities. Today, approximately 1,200 people work in Otokar's factory, which is established on an area of ​​552 thousand square meters in Sakarya.

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