With vSRM, Rollmech Automotive aims to manage an agile procurement process that responds quickly to changes, faultlessly and efficiently.

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With vSRM, Rollmech Automotive aims to manage an agile procurement process that responds quickly to changes, faultlessly and efficiently.

Rollmech Automotive, which manufactures sliding door systems and hinges for the automotive sector and is one of the main players in the field of the European automotive industry, benefits from ITG’s vSRM (virtual Supplier Relationship Management) solution in the management of the supply chain. Rollmech Automotive executives state that they made the right decision by choosing the vSRM platform, drawing attention to the superiority of vSRM in meeting the requirements for the automotive industry, its structure that creates results in a flexible and fast manner, ITG’s approach in the project process and the quality of the support provided to the suppliers.

Gains Using vSRM

Labor, time and resource savings in business processes

With vSRM, an efficient and fast communication environment was obtained, the procurement process was not dependent on people and errors were minimized.

Measuring all stages in the procurement process

Supplier performances started to be followed immediately, and continuous improvements were supported with 8D. Thus, the service quality of the suppliers was improved.

Elimination of time-consuming processes

With vSRM, time-consuming operations such as using non-standard labels and printing and pasting labels over ERP were eliminated.

Decrease in stock costs

After starting to use vSRM, both daily information transfer and e-Kanban feature helped to reduce stock costs by minimizing stock rates.

To be able to make healthy, fast and agile supply planning

The communication infrastructure required for the procurement process was established in a fast, practical and flexible manner with vSRM. A system with low total cost of ownership and sustainability cost was implemented.

Tracking of box movements and recyclable packaging inventory

With vSRM, an infrastructure was prepared to monitor the case movements and recyclable packaging inventory of Rollmech and its suppliers.

About Company


Rollmech Automotive was established in Bursa in 1999 and is respectively Aries, Oxford Automotive and Wagon Automotive after taking part in the groups, it has continued its way as an independent company since February 2009 and in June 2009, its name was changed as Rollmech Automotive San. ve Tic. A.S. Rollmech Automotive, first degree in the entire domestic and foreign automotive industry, "co-designer" and "full system" Serving successfully as a "supplier" and one of the main players in the European Automotive sector is a young, flexible and dynamic company aiming to be someone. Its expertise and experience in all products and processes in its portfolio, It is the main source of creating different and creative solutions on the subject.

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