Quality Policy & Certificates

Quality Policy



It is a company that aims to be among the leading companies that carry out the Development of Supply Chain Applications and Services by adopting an effective and constantly renewing quality management system understanding with its professional, self-confident and business-conscious staff, transparent organizational structure.



  • Developing useful technologies used in the world and making them available for use in our homeland security and other areas that are beneficial for our country,
  • To ensure the rapid integration of useful technologies into the technological infrastructure of our country and thus to make the use of national resources effective,
  • It has adopted it as a mission to take bold risks in terms of innovative technological product understanding, to develop pioneering approaches that bring new standards to professionalism, and to be among the companies leading the development of Supply Chain Practices in Turkey.



  • To meet the needs and expectations of our stakeholders and to provide services with the participation and effort of all our employees,
  • To be a pioneer and innovative company by keeping our quality standards at the highest values ​​and fulfilling legal requirements, by providing services in accordance with international and national standards,
  • To maximize the satisfaction of both our staff and beneficiaries while providing services within the framework of the legislation,
  • To ensure that our employees receive trainings that increase the quality of the service provided and improve their personal skills,
  • Ensuring that customer needs are met in accordance with applicable primary and secondary legislation,
  • To increase customer satisfaction with risks and opportunities that may affect the delivery and compliance of services,
  • To increase and maintain customer satisfaction,
  • It is the most important duty of all of us to gain the trust of all segments we serve by reaching the total quality in the most economical, fastest and shortest way, to maintain this and to continuously improve it.
  • It has adopted the continuous improvement and development of its performance for excellence as its working values ​​and principles.


  • Always catch the latest technology, satisfy the customer unconditionally.
  • Customer satisfaction is not enough, create customer enthusiasm.

Quality Certificates

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