Ensures that invoice is always consistent and smooth.

Self-Billing //

Ensures that invoice is always consistent and smooth.


Automate invoice entries, do not deal with the management of incorrect invoices, and eliminate errors.


Self-billing is a financial agreement between a customer and a supplier. In most cases, it involves the customer preparing the invoice and sending it to the supplier This type of financial arrangement provides much-needed convenience to transactions and virtually frees the supplier from the responsibility of writing and sending invoices to their customers. Self-billing ensures that cash flow is always consistent and smooth.

Invoice Self-Validation

Suppliers invoice after they see the invoice request reference and its details in the vSRM portal.

Integration with ERP System

Calculations are carried out in the ERP system based on the product receiving quantities and the PO Price on the ERP system.

Smart – Pre Invoice Matching

With vSRM Self-billing module; Automate invoice entries, The suppliers see the information of the invoices they will issue to the purchasing company on the vSRM portal and issue ınvoices according to the invoice request number.

Automates the Invoice Registration on your ERP 

Thanks to the structure that works integrated with eInvoice systems, when the eInvoice arrives, the invoice entry record is automatically posted in the ERP.

Increase invoice accuracy

Streamline manual processes for invoice issue, elımınate errors.

Streamlined work for your team

Since the customer provides the invoice, it includes all the necessary details for the supplier's reference and convenience in the invoice.

Time saving in Invoice registration

Time saving in ınvoice registration on ERP system via Automation

No late invoice

Suppliers issue the invoice on time, you manage the ınvoicing other than suppliers.

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